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    @Home&Play Inspections offers the most comprehensive Home Inspection available, is registered as an approved vendor for Royal Le Page Relocation Services and is Bonded after application through the RCMP.

    First is the selection of Type of Inspection, Maintenance, Pre-Offer, Pre-Listing, Pre-Sale,Pre-Delivery, Post Delivery, Warranty, Phased Construction, Pre/Post Renovation, Rental or Apartment/Condo, Radon, WETT, Septic Systems, Solar Panel Installation, Bacterial Growth (Mold), Grow-Ops / Meth Labs or Playground, all to suit YOUR needs.

    Discounts available for packages Sell/Buy and Construction/Warranty Periods

    Air Quality: Electronic air sampling with instant results and efficient reporting process giving indications of VOC's, CO2, PM 2.5 and PM 10

    Thermographic (Infra Red): This can be stand alone or as part of a complete Premium Inspection package. Cutting Edge investigation looking for moisture, lack of insulation by looking "into" the walls

    Pre-Offer: In today's competitive market many deals are considered with limited conditions attached. We can give you that considered opinion prior to making the monetary offer to give you our "Confidence In Your Future", other options include completing an inspection Post offer or Post move in.

    Rental/Lease: Allow us to identify the issues in the rental unit you are considering or if you are an owner then we can document the "Before" and "After" condition, even if you are unavailable to see it yourself

    Maintenance: Become aware of issues that should be addressed to improve the Life Safety conditions in your Home or to Prevent Devaluation of your Home by ageing / wear and tear of its systems. Recommended every 5 years of age or occupancy.

    Pre-Listing: Identify the issues before having to address them quickly, when an offer to buy comes in. Follow this programme and we will visit and discuss our findings with any buyer that makes an offer on the home.

    Pre-Sale: Carried out when an offer is placed by a prospective purchasor.

    Pre-Delivery: New Home Inspection

    Warranty: After 30 days, 1 year, 2 years or 7 years from acceptance of home to identify discrepancies. NOTE: Tarion offers no flexibility on these dates...... submission of paperwork MUST be before the anniversary dates.

    Phased Construction: Inspect at regular intervals to ensure acceptable construction practices.

    Pre/Post Renovation: We can visit to confirm what issues may be encountered before your Reno starts or evaluate the workmanship of the completed Reno for you.

    Radon: Health Canada tells us that 8.2% of Ontario homes have high levels of radon and that this directly will influence the likelihood of contracting lung cancer. Short term tests will indicate if longer term testing is appropriate which will show if remediation is necessary. Call us for assistance in these matters as a C-NRPP TECHNICIAN and a Member of CARST.

    WETT Inspections: Evaluation of the condition and compliance of your wood burning heating appliance and venting system with current regulations as applicable. Available as part of a larger home inspection or stand alone as required. Level 1 Report provided in electronic format to be easily transferred to your Insurance company

    SEPTIC SYSTEMS: from the tank to the weeping tile, we can help you evaluate the efficiency and operation of your sewage system whether it be traditional or higher efficiency systems

    ASBESTOS: there may be materials identifed that maybe be suspicious and could warrant further investigation especially if they are likely to be disturbed. Here is a link to some valuable information https://www.asbestos.com/abatement-guide/

    BACTERIAL GROWTH: If you are concerned about stains or smells within your home then investigations can be made to determine high levels of moisture which would promote moulding conditions. Although detailed lab work may be required to establish the specifics of the type and issues with the growth a fast response swab test can be performed on site.

    Playstructure Inspection: If there is playstructure on the property, or if you are involved with a business that operates a playstructure then this can be inspected in accordance with CSA Z614-14 and the Protective Surface where applicable to ASTM F 1292. This applies to annual inspections, quarterly, or more regular as dictated by the registration requirements of regional government for Childcare facilities.

    Accessability: For your playstructures protective surface or for any surface that wheelchairs may have to navigate across, tested using Rotary Penetrometer equipment

    Solar Panel Installation: Inspection of the Photo Voltaic Array for sound structural installation, safe electrical interconnection and adequate attention to minimise the impact upon the other homes systems.

    Training provided by the OPP will assist in identifying the potential hazards that could result from exposure of a home to contamination due to production of Controlled Substances in Clandestine Locations (Grow Houses or Chemical Drug Labs) and their associated bi-products and safety/health impacts.

    One of our areas of focus is on the safety of your home and surroundings, both the environment itself and the safety of the systems and their usage. For alerts follow this link for information from the TSSA http://www.safetyinfo.ca/Default.asp , from the CSA (Kids Safety) http://www.safekidscanada.ca/Professionals/Safety-Information/Playground... or from the ESA http://www.esa-safe.com where you can find information on Inspections, Recalls and Safety Tips 

    We start at the roof and evaluate not only the roof surface, but also the chimney, the ventilation system, the electrical service entrance, the plumbing stack, and any other systems or components located on the roof.

    Our next step is to inspect the exterior of the home. We use a macro and micro approach to look at both the big picture and all the details.

    We then move inside the house, and starting at the bottom, work our way up through the home into the attic. While inside, we address such things as the structure, the heating and cooling systems, the electrical and plumbing systems, the interior finishes, the insulation and ventilation, and accessories such as fireplaces.

    Our evaluation is then communicated through a detailed inspection report, which includes descriptions of all the systems in the home, as well as any recommended improvements. This will help you prioritize the improvements and develop a blueprint for your future in the home.

    Best of all, our services don't end with the inspection. For as long as you own the home, you can call with any additional questions - at no extra charge!

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