• Older Rental Properties

    Recently ESA sent out a notice about exposed electrical panel connections in Pre 1940 residences that are primarily rental properties. If you have or are aware of panels with exposed fuses then a sign must be attached that only AUTHORISED people can open and change the fuses as this can be a dangerous situation with exposed wiring.
  • Septic Systems

    Evaluate the plumbing components inside the home:I inspect all of the interior plumbing fixtures for proper connections. I also make sure all the waste lines are properly discharging into an approved waste system. Water treatment systems can be harmful to septic systems and I evaluate where the discharge of these systems go. 
  • Joist Hangers

    Joist Hangers are an important part of modern building construction but they must be installed correctly. Sadly often they are not and they should be caught at an initial Pre Delivery Inspection of a new home but are not. Firstly each different size of joist has its own size of hanger no modifications are allowed, each hanger comes with specific nails that MUST be used many have identification markings on the head so they can be seen after installation screws should not be substituted even on decks, also every hole provided in the hanger should have a nail inserted for maximum strength.
  • Aluminum Wiring

    Aluminum wiring became a popular alternative for use in homes when the price of copper spiked in the 1960s.  Many homes today still have aluminum wiring that is functioning properly.  Insurance companies may be uncomfortable with it and you should contact yours for their policies. Like many other systems in the home, the key to proper operation is proper installation and maintenance.
  • Smoke Detectors

    Smoke detectors are a mandatory item and life saving tool in homes today but Carbon Monoxide detectors are an equally but sometimes ignored important safety addition in todays modern home that have a source of combustion used in the heating or cooking processes ( natural gas, propane or wood ) An unknown issue is the life of these types of safety tool other than the well publicised need to change batteries on some styles annually.
  • Wett Inspections

    If you have a wood burning fireplace or stove in your home it is recommended to have it inspected and cleaned annually (by a W.E.T.T. certified professional – visit http://www.wettinc.ca/).It may sound logical that the best time to clean the chimney is before the heating season begins. In reality, it is important to clean the chimney before it gets too hot outside and humidity levels increase.
  • Asbestos

    Materials containing in excess of 0.5% of asbestos are defined as being Asbestos Containing materials and are a health hazard that can only become evident 20 -  40 years after exposure. In homes constructed after 1945 and up to 1975 there are many items in a home that could contain asbestos to this level. ranging from the well recognised Vermiculite insulation to cladding of heating pipes and ducts, others less recognised are floor and ceiling tiles, caulking/jointing materials, electrical insulation, roofing felt and carpet glue.
  • Bed Bugs

    As people involved in the real estate transaction we all are exposed to this recently spiralling growth and exposure to this delicate issue. Although there is no health issue associated to an infestation of this pest there is a major stigma in finding these parasites. Recent studies indicate an increase in North America of 2010 cases, 3X more than in 2009 and expect to be 10X by 2015. Here follows some suggestions and some indicators to be aware of:
  • Dryer Vent

    I was recently in a home that had experienced a fire in the Clothes Dryer. Lint accumulation can be a serious contributor to the potential for fires in homes. A lint trap can ease the process of collecting and disposing of accumulating lint. A direct route with limited elbows and not using corrugated ducts will also reduce the chance for lint to be caught inside the duct.Check the external louvres on the discharge point, indications of lint here are an indicator that maintenance has been ignored.
  • Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

    Your water heater is a potential bomb in your basement that could level your home and possibly your neighbours also. The Temperature and Pressure Relief valve on the side of your water heater (whatever the fuel source) should be checked annually for correct operation and replaced if not functioning . Replaced every 3 years as a safety precaution.