• Moisture

    My latest piece of information relates to Moisture/Humidity in the home. First of all Homes built prior to the mid 1980's likely have a humidifier installed these should be on the return plenum of your furnace and the control should be installed in the living area NOT in the basement mechanical room, unless you spend a majority of your time in that area .
  • April Showers

    At this time of year April Showers bring May Flowers they say, but they can also bring leaky basements. Be vigilent about monitoring potential basement leaks from cracks and check your sump pump, the lonely little piece of hardware in your cold storage or in the corner of the mechanical room. Test it regularly otherwise you may be facing a costly cleanup, consider adding an alarm to it to make you aware if the breaker drops out. 
  • Health & Safety

    Please consider your homes safety should a fire breakout. At minimum homes MUST have smoke detectors installed appropriately (check batteries/function on a regular basis, the internal sensor has a life of approx 10 years), a better system incorporates Carbon Monoxide detection, an even better system includes a heat detector as if a fire burns hot enough and efficiently enough then the Bi-products of combustion will be negligable. 
  • Safety

    1. Be sure to check the function of the Temperature/Pressure relief valve on the water heater or water boiler installed in your home by depressing the lever slightly and release a small amount of hot water onto the floor. If it does release and reseal than all is good. If it either doesn't release or doesn't reseal then for the small cost of a new valve, or to get your rental provider to come and replace it, is a small price to pay for safety.IF THIS VALVE MALFUNCTIONS THE RESULT CAN BE SO CATASTROPHIC THE HOME MAY BE LEVELLED .
  • Product Recall

    There has been a posting by the CSA that Liquidation World has been selling a stand alone gas fireplace that although it is very attractive it is the type that has no venting system..... NOT approved by CSA. Should be discontinued from use and returned to Liquidation World Contact me for more information  Ornate design, white in colour